About Us

WISEUP apparel is not a fashion statement, but a philosophy. 

WISEUP gear is designed to be worn by people worldwide who are trying or have already conquered and protected their mind, pushing past mental limitations and making thoughts, things.
The logo, our distinguished crown, symbolizes that YOU are the ruler of your own life, and nobody else (hold yourself accountable) just like a KING or QUEEN. We know that we can't control what happens to us, but we KNOW we can control how we respond. Being able to choose what we think and how we act is our power that will distinguish us from a KING/QUEEN or a joke.
When you put WISEUP apparel on, know this is to create a community around self-awareness that people will move with purpose and intention instead of taking meaningless steps in life. We know our strengths. We build our strengths. We become our strengths. This brand inspires greatness and accountability within oneself and we must pay it forward to the world. We strive for excellence in every phase of our lives. This brand is three dimensional; we focus solely to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. Being focused on that, will truly change lives.
Let's know more, let's do more, let's be more. #wiseUP